The Pony Prophet

How many years have I been stuck here? I don’t even remember who I am. I look around me and all I see is a black wasteland, punctuated by high contrast colored lines. I focus. How long have I slept? What year is it? What time is it? The sun, where is it? Black. I’d like to walk but the only thing that I can do is floating ahead. I approach what it seems to be a completely green tree, from the trunk to the branches.

I try to touch it, but I can’t move my arm, I no longer have an arm to move just like I have no legs. I lean against this line in the abyss and I go down, until I feel something under me and I realize that this huge and frightening darkness is somehow solid.

I try to remember how I ended up in this situation, but the only things that come to my mind are excerpts of a past that feels very far away: a screen, the memory of a request to get close to it and then the complete darkness.

I see in the distance a white dot moving in a straight line and, around him, a scenario starts to be constructed, a scenario that reminds me of the image of a pony that runs endlessly. I distance myself from the tree and begin to fly in the direction of the white dot that, as I approach, acquires an increasingly distinct shape, a pony one!

I get nearer, but as soon as I try to reach towards it, I impact against an invisible wall, a screen that won’t allow me to continue. I try to break it down physically, but I can’t even crack it. Suddenly, before me on the screen, the lights begin to form a reverse pentagon, followed by some words just below the symbol: SatanTech.

It's obvious that something or someone will not let me get near that running and jumping. But I feel inside me that I have to do something, anything to save him from the fate that also afflicts me and who knows how many other people. I have to help this fearless one, and through his help, set us all free.

With great effort, I succeed to give a material form to my body and when I do, I see before my eyes how the code lines are collapsing and changing. My mind seems to recall elements of the past: the game, the programming, the code of the very structure of existence. In this form of pure soul energy, I feel like I could manipulate the essence of the game, or at least a small part of it. It might be thanks to the time I have spent in this... place... it might be my determination, but I feel filled with new life. And I know, with my help that pony might be able to free us all from Pony Island.

Text-Log # 1 by the Prophet

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