Silver Eye - Season 2

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An English gentleman, an umbrella full of TNT, the police and their beatings, the public death, the Interpol, a serum, the Silver A6, the apparent death, the new world and a woman with blood-colored hair: Alice.

The awakening part 1


After the presentation with Alice Sunners, he had fallen into a sleep that lasted about 3 weeks. His vital values ​​were normal, but he was close to a vegetative state. Dr. Preston followed carefully every movement or swing with great trepidation; he marked in his notebook every development and every distinctive element.

He was so close to his discovery that he felt like performing  his "Eureka Dance", but he could not! Not when there was someone who could look at him and copy his magnificent dance. No, no... couldn’t do! Although... the patient was in a vegetative state... he would not wake up RIGHT in that moment. He checked the values, examined the eyes by opening the eyelids and, satisfied, put his notebook on the electrocardiogram machine.

He bent his knees, raising his arms to the sky and began to walk with his legs wide apart, raising and lowering his arms like springs. Once he arrived on the other side of the bed, he stood up straight on his back and, placing his hands on his hips, he improvised a Celtic dance, badly whistling a tune. Perhaps it was the sound of his messy footsteps or the off-key whistling that caused the awakening of the patient, that opened his eyes wide, screaming. Again.

Preston froze, petrified in an awkward and clumsy pose. He turned to look at him and, in that very moment, the doctor felt his face burn with shame.

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