Silver Eye - Season 2

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The Awakening part 2


He saw everything flooding in silver: the walls, the windows, the people, even the electrocardiogram beeps, now following one another as fast as a machine gun, sounding liquid. Everything was dripping like wax from a candle, from the chandelier to a hole in the center of the room. In front of him, standing in a strange pose, a grizzled man was watching at him. The doctor’s cheeks became slowly of a darker shade of silver, while silver drops slid from his hair to his chin. The beeps were slowing down as he looked around; then the doctor put himself together and walked beside the machines near the bed.

«Wel... come back to us! Hehehe» said Dr. Preston as he approached him. What he saw in that silver river were the doctor’s movements cutting through the liquid, while the words materialized in the room from his mouth and then dissolved in the light.

«Where... am I?» said the patient.

«You are in our recovery ward... You slept a lot, young man!» said Preston, jotting down the vital values of the patient on his notebook.

«Who am I? » asked the patient and, as soon as these words came out of his mouth, they went to position themselves just above the doctor’s head. They changed slowly, as if they were liquid ink, to form the word "Silver". The doctor looked at the man, puzzled, and drew closer to his face.

«Funny... Don’t you remember anything about your past? Not even what's your name? This... is a problem, young man! And this strange color of your eyes is... unseemly. Anyway, how about naming you... "Silver"? Just for now, until your memory comes back.» The doctor looked seriously worried and, when he said that word, the letters above his head dissolved in the air.

«Silver...» the man repeated, then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, all the silver was gone and the doctor gave a little jump back, frightened.


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