Silver Eye - Season 2

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5 days after awakening

«Let's sum it up... You suck with your studies, you suck with arms and suck as a person too. Is there something you can do?!» Alice said, sitting in front of him at the table of the inside bar of the structure.
«Crossbows with coffee stirrers» he replied playing with one of them.
«You're a lost cause» she said, leaning against the back of her chair.
«It's not my fault if I don’t remember anything. Dr. Preston says it’s temporary, but it’s already been five days with this amnesia. It's already a miracle that I'm alive!» said the boy concentrating in measuring the bending of the stirrer on the table.
«Yeah... but there MUST be something you can do... Don’t you understand that if we don’t find something you can do, you can’t be useful here?» said the girl approaching the table, desperate.
«Good! Send me home then, don’t you?» answered the boy, smiling.
«Silver... You... you no longer have a home or a life... you don’t exist outside of here... Is it possible that you don’t remember anything at all?»
«How to make crossbows with coffee stirrers...» he said to her, smiling, then he threw the stirrer in her direction. It slipped on the table until it reached between the girl's hands. His smile disappeared and he crossed his arms in front of his chest.
«You tell me what happened, Agent Sunners. Why am I still treated like a laboratory mouse waiting for the poisoned pastry?» His gaze was apathetic.

She looked out of the big window, serious, and let out a big sigh, then she took other air and used it to tell him all that had happened in the last month.

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