Silver Eye - Season 2

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The Hard Truth

He looked straight into her eyes, silently, absorbing the information scattered as pieces of puzzle on a table. Inside of him he felt bewildered, lost... even though this sensation was turning into is body from the day of his awakening. When Alice concluded her story, she added angrily that if they did not find something he could do, they would end him as a failed project. He nodded with his head and looked out at the sun setting.

«So I was not so far from the truth, it seems ... How can you hide TNT in an umbrella?»
«Someone with the ability to squeeze the mass could do it... Pipin of the armaments area, for example, might be capable of it. They injected him with a serum that gave him this ability»
«Interesting ... and you?» he said.
«Ruby and Emerald»
«And it gave you the chance to...» he asked, perplexed.
«I don’t think you want to know it and I don’t think I'm gonna tell you» she said confidently.
«Hhm... I'm not sure if I know what I can do yet but I think it has to do with what happens or will happen to me» he said, confused, resting his arms on the table. She looked at him dazed, then worried, in the end she took a deep breath and stood up.

«Come on, let’s go to the gym» she told him, taking him from his arm strongly enough to drag him away.

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