Silver Eye - Season 2

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The gym

They were one in front of the other: Alice had tied her hair behind her head in a chignon, she was wearing a top that showed her abdomen and arms and long pants; Silver instead had a gray T-shirt, a blue helmet on his head and dark gray pants. With the protections on their feet and boxing gloves on, they were on the ring mat surrounded by elastic strings. Dr. Preston was close to Silver’s corner with a notebook and pen.

«I'm going easy on you, Silver. I do not want to send you to the infirmary» she said as he was warming up.
«But I don’t know how to fight, agent Sunners! And then, why don’t you have the helmet?» said the boy.
«You can always run away like a little girl and anyway I think you won’t even be able to touch me.»
«Hey, Silver, try not to get too hurt, okay? Alice has been unbeaten for 5 years and has already knocked out 89 people» Preston said.
«You're very encouraging, Doctor» exclaimed Silver, perplexed, before putting the mouthguard on. He watched the girl finish her warmth and admired her curves.

Alice was ready, she approached the boy after putting the mouthguard on and stretched out her arms toward him. The boy looked at her dubiously and scratched his head «You have to beat, Silver... the greeting!» whispered the doctor, mimicking the gesture. Then, as he had just awakened, the boy bumbed his own gloves against Alice’s. He had not even the time to say something that Alice hit him with a jab in the forehead.

The boy stepped back to get away and touched his head with the glove. He was about to say something again, but Alice pushed him with another jab. With her back slightly bent, she studied him from between the gloves; as soon as the boy was distracted, he served her a new jab.

«Focus, boy! She's playing with you at the moment, but I would not get her angry...» Preston said, taking notes.

Two other jabs hit him, and the boy retreated so much that he arrived at the ropes. Alice took a step back, looking at him, and as soon as he moved away from the ropes, she pressed him with a jerk and a hook in his abdomen. The doctor covered his eyes with the notebook while Silver dropped on his knees coughing. He spat out the mouthguard, holding his abdomen in his arms, then closed his eyes. Alice bumped his head with her glove and gestured him to get up, but what he saw was just a pure silver arm shaking in the air.

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