Silver Eye - Season 2

All the season, just for you, in this pages

The blood in the Veins

He woke up again with the sound of the electrocardiogram in his ears. It was so much time he didn’t listen to it and frankly he did not miss it. His eyes had difficulty focusing and every time he opened and closed his eyelids, his vision slowly changed from the desaturated of the silver to the normal colors of the environment.

«Alice, he’s waking up ...» the boy heard Dr. Preston's voice approaching the bed. He took a pen-shaped light and looked at his eyes.
«He is still dazed, but I think he is with us.»
«Silver... can you hear me?» he heard a female voice, Alice's voice «Tell him no, tell him no... do you understand? » she whispered.
He nodded... then they heard other footsteps coming from the bottom of the room: «Young man! How nice to know that you have woken up so soon.»
Silver sat up with Dr. Preston's help. Finally, he focused his gaze on Matros's smiling face.
«I read the doctor's notes and the shootings of the gym show that the serum we injected to you is too much for you, it’s taking the place of your blood. When the process will be over we won’t be able to do anything to save you. If you want, we can remove it from your body before it happens» said Matros.

«But actually, if...» the doctor could not finish his sentence because Matros interrupted him. «You know how much I care about my agents... I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I just need a yes and you can come back to Italy and have the life you want, maybe start a family out of these walls.»
Silver rolled his eyes around, looked out of the window, then to Dr. Preston's face and lastly to Alice's face. They both were praying him with their eyes to say "No".



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