Silver Eye - Season 2

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The Awakening part 3


The doctor was sitting in a chair across the room, he was watching warily at Silver and meanwhile he was eating slowly a leg he was holding in his hand. The boy looked at the doctor and he turned his thumbs faster and faster until, arrived at full speed, the two fingers met.

«At least, may I know who you are?» said, exasperated.
«Preston. Sebastian Preston: scientist and lover of genetic do-it-yourself» he said seriously after swallowing.

«Ok ... Nice to meet you... can I go now?» said the boy impatiently.
«Suuuuure! First there are the scrutiny, then the CAT, then the blood test, then... » the doctor continued with a string of names and processes, shaking the leg in his hand like a metronome.  «...and then, maaaaaybeeee, you can get up and maybe go to the cafeteria. Until then, you're under observation.»

«Oh, then I'll have to stay here for at least another two or three centuries, practically?» The doctor's eyes widened.
«What? Why did you come up with this? You feel strangely long-lived, by any chance? Or, I don’t know, younger? Eh? Eh?!» the doctor put his leg on a plate next to him and, with his hand still dirty, went up to the patient starting to examine arms and face.

«But... haw gross! You have filthy hands, doctor!» said the boy, seeing the greasy chicken fat staining his skin.
«Eternal life? Eh? The youth serum? Eh?! Then???» the doctor became more flushed and feverish, in addition to being visibly shaken.

«It was a joke, doctor! A joke!» he said, trying to wipe the dirt on the sheets. The doctor meanwhile stopped and looked at him angrily.
«You should not deceive a poor scientist this way, young man. In addition to being a joke of poor taste, it is bitter towards science that supports you with its immense love. Do not do it!» the man, after pointing out each syllable with his index finger, went into the bathroom to wash his hands.

Someone knocked at the door and the boy invited them to enter: first, he saw her blood red hair descend down on her shoulders like silk, then her face and finally the rest of her body. He was enchanted by the vision of Alice Sunners that came into the room with extreme grace.


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