Silver Eye - Season 2

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The Awakening part 4


When she entered the room, he could not believe what he was seeing: he had his own memory in the recesses of his mind, her hair red like rubies, and those eyes green like emeralds. He closed for a moment his eyelids for a twinge in his temple and, when he opened them, all was silver but her hair and her eyes.

«It's happening again» said the doctor while welcoming Alice into the room. He walked to the machines to check the values.
«Again, what?» she said, puzzled, while the boy, enchanted by her presence, looked at her with silver eyes «Do not pass out again... It might offend me, you know?» she continued, putting her arms folded.

The words came out mellow from her mouth and slowly cut through the liquid silver like a siren’s song. Once formed, however, they became strong in the air like black stone; they pulsed, heavy, making the whole room vibrate. Behind them, dozens of words and phrases branched off like snakes, then another pulse and a new branching. Increasingly strong and vibrant words began to fill the room, crowding on each other. Whenever Silver focused his eyes on one of these, he was shown a video sequence, that decomposed in other words.

«RubiesPascalFredDeathThesectionThetormundPlatinumSulfurMercurySalt... ALICE!» said Silver in quick succession, then he reached for the girl with his arm outstretched without being able to reach her. Blood began to drip from his nose while the crazed machinery sent incessant beeps.

«What?!» said Alice, upset and worried, as she drew near his hand. When she touched his fingers, she felt a deep pulsation inside her. With a blank stare, Silver launched on her, surrounding the girl with his arms. She pushed him back on the bed with lightning reflexes and he fell there like a dead weight. The machines emitted a long and terrible tone that triggered terror in the doctor.

«Is he dead?» said Preston, who, fallen prey of an attack, fell to his knees, placing his head on the body of the boy, «Don’t die, you too! No!» Alice, trembling, looked at the doctor, then at the boy and immediately pressed the emergency button near the bed. In a few moments the room was flooded with people.

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