Silver Eye - Season 2

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A Bad Headache


He slept for one day and, when he woke up, a woman with red hair and green eyes was stearing him. She looked at him, indignant and annoyed, then reached up and opened two fingers. He was seeing blurry and was feeling his eyes burn.

She said in a condescending voice: «How many are these

He rubbed his eyes and, after closing them, he opened them again: the world was silver. He saw clearly the woman with different shades of silver, except for the red hair and the green eyes; he noticed her hand with two fingers raised. Over this, he saw something "between" the two fingers: a circle with two dots and a curved line, a smiley.

Frightened, he closed his eyes again and, when he reopened them, everything was back to normal. She looked at him, puzzled «You won’t pass out on me again, will you?» she asked. He smiled and answered: «Maybe not this time...»

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