Silver Eye - Season 2

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A Red Apple


His head pulsed so much that not even a temples massage could make it go away. He was sitting at a small desk  and in front of him there was a paper sheet with  many questions and few answers. Alice, leaning against a professor desk, looked at him while peeling a red delicious apple and shook her head slowly.

The hall was empty, there were only him and her in a sunny winter morning. «It’s a basic test. Even an high school boy could solve it» she said with a sharp touch. The man scratched his head with the pencil gum and looked at the woman, «I’ve never been a model student.»

The woman gave a deep bite to the red apple and she looked at the man at the desk with her green eyes with a mixture of curiosity and disdain.

«How many have you answered?»
«5 of 20.»
«Are you going answer to any other?»
«I was thinking of filling the voids with smileys
«You’re gross.»
«But, no… I’m pretty good at drawing them.»

The woman bowed her head and took her palm to her face, as he laughed out loud.


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