Silver Eye - Season 2

All the season, just for you, in this pages

4 days After the wake up

He woke up in the room where, the previous day after his usual check up, his doctor, Sebastian Preston, had brought him. Like every awakening, his eyes bothered him, they burned like he had tiny embers stuck in his irises. Day after day he was forced to make a habit out of it.

He stood up and started to quickly dress up but, when he was putting his jeans on, they knocked at the door. He hopped on one foot, wearing first one leg of the trousers and then the other; as soon as he put his left foot in, it got caught in the crotch, making him fall squarely on the door. The door opened under his weight and he fell on the agent Sunners, who was waiting behind it. He tried to grasp her forms to find the balance, with the only result of having her blouse ripped open. Her scream, piercing like nails on a blackboard, roared through the building and it’s still narrated as a joke during after lunch coffees.

«Swine! » she added after the shriek and gave him a slap that resounded like a hammer blow on his teeth. She stood up almost immediately, adjusting her dress, while he was lying on his side, holding his sore cheek. Alice looked at him whining and, after a little, she crouched to take his hand away from his face: the hit part wasn’t red but silver.

«Hm ... Did this happen to you before? » she said seriously.

«This, what? You hurt me, Agent Sunners! » he said, rising slowly in a sitting position.

«It’s nothing. You deserved it and you should thank me for holding back, otherwise you would be at the hospital now, thanking for not being three meters below the ground. »

«You are so drastic, Agent. »

«Last time, Silver! This is the last time, then I will send you to the moon »

«As if I’ve done it on purpose, as if there had been other times! » he said, losing his patience. She looked into his eyes and stood up, waiting for him to finish to dress up and then stretching out her hand. He stared at her, then he let her help him to get up.

From the bottom of the corridor came a martial figure with a slow and cadenced stride. Silver turned and smiled, «Agent Matros, to what do I owe the pleasure? » Under the light, the figure of the agent Frederic Matros became visible: a one-meter-eighty man who carried his sixty-five years well, short gray hair and a dark blue military uniform. Underneath the light, his military rank insignia and the light green buttons of his jacket were glittering.

«Good morning, Alice! Good morning, Silver! How are you today? »The girl glared at Matros and seemed very eager to rip his head off, while the smiling boy, on the contrary, shook his hand firmly.

«Let's just say I’ve been better... meeting Agent Sunners has always some" impact" on me. » he said laughing.

«I understand you very well! - he joined the laughter of the boy - one day you're gonna get used to it! Besides, if you’re lucky enough, you will be able to not give in to her charm. » said the man, looking at the girl with cold eyes.

«Agent Matros, I was taking Silver to the polygon for his first day of training. He'll have to learn to defend himself from those who want him dead. » she said, responding angrily to the man’s stare.

«Very well, Alice! The first day at the polygon is always an incredible emotion. I still remember mine: I never hit the target, not even once! Hahaha! » said Matros, vigorously beating the boy's shoulder in a paternal gesture.

«Good luck, boy! Always remember to give your all! » The agent walked away slowly, giving the two a gesture with his hand.
«Have a good day, Agent Matros! » replied the boy.
«Come on, idiot! » said Alice, angrily.
«What have I done, now? » he said, puzzled.

«You are alive and this is actually a problem for me. » she said, looking straight ahead. He was about to argue, but he noticed the fire of anger in her eyes and so he preferred to remain silent.

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