Silver Eye - Season 2

All the season, just for you, in this pages

The Shooting Range

The two walked side by side: Alice was taking deep breaths and, only after traversing the structure a couple of times, she managed to calm down. Silver did not say anything, he knew they were turning around for a while; moreover, partly for fear, partly because of curiosity, he didn’t want to ask the agent about what had happened just before at the hospital. When they finally reached the firing range area, Alice opened the door and motioned for him to enter.

«Oh, we got there. I think I've been lost at least a couple of times.»
«Shut up, idiot. I already know you'll suck here too.»
«I like your constancy in supporting me, Agent. You have something that push me to always give the best of me! "

She looked puzzled as she closed the door behind her.

The great expanse of the firing range was divided into eight different tracks ending with a black target. A couple of agents were training on tracks 6 and 8 with large guns. Alice accompanied him on the first track.

«This is the one for children. Go on... show me you know how to be a champion!» said Alice, sarcastic,  putting his glasses and ear protector on and taking a 9mm from the desk, handing it to him. Silver had no memory of how to shoot, just like he did not remember what he had eaten two weeks earlier, if he had eaten at all. So he first looked at the other two agents and then he focused on the target 5 feet away from him.

He was almost shocked by the proximity of the target, so he leaned out of the small cabin of the track 1 and noticed that the other two agents had their target at, at least, fifty feet away. His target was so near he could almost read the signature of the designer in the bottom corner. He felt dejected, but at the same time spurred to give his best. But really, how difficult could be to hit a target that close?

He copied the stance of the two professional agents by widening his legs and holding the gun with both hands, he pointed the weapon on the silhouette, and focused on its head. He was about to pull the trigger, he felt ready to crack that target and to prove he could do something right, but just as he was pulling it, a hand from above came to the weapon and lowered a lever on its side. Perplexed, he looked at Alice and she, impatient, said, «The safety lock, idiot!» He read the labia for the ear protector and noticed the emphasis on the word "idiot".

He blushed and looked back at the target. When he was ready, he pulled the trigger again.

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