Silver Eye - Season 2

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Help Me, Doc!


«It's not your fault, Silver. Alice is definitely a good person, but she pretends too much from a "normal" person...» Dr. Preston said as he treated the boy's forehead.
«I also think so... Certainly, I'm at least bringing a bit of joy to the structure!» He lowered his eyes staring at the floor while the doctor moved away from the bed and sat down on a chair.
«Well, it's not like everyone to get a 9mm in the forehead  because of the recoil. That gun is also used by the baby gangsters from Bronx.»
«What can I say, it surprised me!» the boy snorted, lying down on the bed.
«Do you want a lollipop?» the scientist said, reaching to a large porcelain jar.
«But won’t they decay my teeth?» replied the boy, turning his head to the doctor.
«So what? I'm not a medical doctor! Science needs sugary stimulants to progress in its loving course! Furthermore, they’re Dr. Fersec’s and he rubs me the wrong way.» Saying so, he handed over a spherical lollypop to Silver and, when them both unwrapped them, they found themselves in silence, taken by their snack and thoughts.

«It's not going well, Silver. You are a good guy! I admit it, you are the funniest guy they have entrusted to me and they even gave me a clown once. But... you can’t do anything and the serum doesn’t seem to have any obvious effect.» said the doctor in one breath, very seriously. Then he went on: «Director Matros is going to ask for results soon and Alice will have to report sooner or later. She's helping you a lot. I don’t know why…»
«Hm... what do you suggest, Doc?» he asked him looking at the ceiling.
«What happens when your eyes turn to silver?» he said as he drew near with the stool to the bed.
«Everything becomes a silvery river and I no longer distinguish colors. I can tell the shapes apart from the hues of gray, but it’s annoying.
«Cute... But useless.»
«I once saw a smiley between Alice’s fingers.»
«A smiley? Do you mean a face? Oh ...» the doctor raised his head and started scratching his untamed beard under his chin « ...nothing comes to my mind.»
«I did the same drawing in the test boxes the day after. I thought it was funny.»

«And it surely is, but that test measured your intellectual skills, not your humorous ones.» said the scientist grinning. «Tell me,» he added, «if I tell you, "Tormund" or... Sulfur, Mercury and Salt... do you think of something?» The boy thought about it for a few seconds, but then shook his head. The doctor nodded and patted his hand on the chest of the boy a couple of times as he rose to get out of the medical room.

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