Silver Eye - Season 2

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The doctor was arranging some documents in a folder when he heard a knocking at the door of his office. Shortly after, a quiet Alice Sunners went in and closed the door behind her. He greeted her and sat down on the desk chair while she took place on the other side of the table; then she looked at him for a few seconds and he, just like he woke up from a dream, pressed a button under his desk.

«You can talk now.»
«If this keeps up, you will have another dead on the conscience, Dr. Preston.»
«I HAVE NO ONE ON MY CONSCIENCE, AGENT SUNNERS» the doctor shouted suddenly, punching his fist on the desk. «All my experiments are small or big pieces of the great work, and life and death are factors that... fall into the equation.»
«Sure. But they were mostly criminals or people ready for the scaffold. Silver is innocent and we both know it.»
«He doesn’t have a terrorist face indeed... he's even funny» the doctor leaned on his desk, thoughtful.
«He doesn’t remember anything of his first awakening. I realized it the other day.»
«Yeah... The serum is creating dysfunctions in his memory... and not just that.» said Preston, worried. Alice looked at him perplexed and motioned for him to go on.
«You see, unfortunately, it’s not mixing with his blood as usual. The two are fighting in his body in a war of domination of the blood vessels. The more he uses his power, whatever it is, the more the serum acquires ground. I do him transfusions of plasma while he’s sleeping to try to stabilize him, but in the long run it may not be effective anymore."
«This is terrible! Is that why he is always losing blood?» said Alice shocked. The doctor nodded slowly.

«Serum carries too much oxygen to the cells and its domination could lead him to death, moreover, he could no longer be the "Silver" we know. Perhaps using the moon fragments in the formula was not a good idea.»
«If this continues, he will be eliminated before we can find a remedy for this. We need to help him, Sebastian.»
«You haven’t called me that way in ages... Why do you care so much about him?»
«I think... he knows more than he tells us... Besides... when we first touched, I felt something weird. Maybe he did something to me or maybe he has a power similar to mine... I don’t know...»
«I understand... I will try to extend the practices with some extra exam. You... find out more.»
«Thanks you, Sebastian» she said, bending her head.
«Always with your head up, Alice. It's done for the love of science.» he smiled and she raised her head: in her eyes she had the fire of determination.

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