Silver Eye - Season 2

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An English gentleman, an umbrella full of TNT, the police and their beatings, the public death, the Interpol, a serum, the Silver A6, the apparent death, the new world and a woman with blood-colored hair: Alice.

The awakening part 1


After the presentation with Alice Sunners, he had fallen into a sleep that lasted about 3 weeks. His vital values ​​were normal, but he was close to a vegetative state. Dr. Preston followed carefully every movement or swing with great trepidation; he marked in his notebook every development and every distinctive element.

He was so close to his discovery that he felt like performing  his "Eureka Dance", but he could not! Not when there was someone who could look at him and copy his magnificent dance. No, no... couldn’t do! Although... the patient was in a vegetative state... he would not wake up RIGHT in that moment. He checked the values, examined the eyes by opening the eyelids and, satisfied, put his notebook on the electrocardiogram machine.

He bent his knees, raising his arms to the sky and began to walk with his legs wide apart, raising and lowering his arms like springs. Once he arrived on the other side of the bed, he stood up straight on his back and, placing his hands on his hips, he improvised a Celtic dance, badly whistling a tune. Perhaps it was the sound of his messy footsteps or the off-key whistling that caused the awakening of the patient, that opened his eyes wide, screaming. Again.

Preston froze, petrified in an awkward and clumsy pose. He turned to look at him and, in that very moment, the doctor felt his face burn with shame.

The Awakening part 2


He saw everything flooding in silver: the walls, the windows, the people, even the electrocardiogram beeps, now following one another as fast as a machine gun, sounding liquid. Everything was dripping like wax from a candle, from the chandelier to a hole in the center of the room. In front of him, standing in a strange pose, a grizzled man was watching at him. The doctor’s cheeks became slowly of a darker shade of silver, while silver drops slid from his hair to his chin. The beeps were slowing down as he looked around; then the doctor put himself together and walked beside the machines near the bed.

«Wel... come back to us! Hehehe» said Dr. Preston as he approached him. What he saw in that silver river were the doctor’s movements cutting through the liquid, while the words materialized in the room from his mouth and then dissolved in the light.

«Where... am I?» said the patient.

«You are in our recovery ward... You slept a lot, young man!» said Preston, jotting down the vital values of the patient on his notebook.

«Who am I? » asked the patient and, as soon as these words came out of his mouth, they went to position themselves just above the doctor’s head. They changed slowly, as if they were liquid ink, to form the word "Silver". The doctor looked at the man, puzzled, and drew closer to his face.

«Funny... Don’t you remember anything about your past? Not even what's your name? This... is a problem, young man! And this strange color of your eyes is... unseemly. Anyway, how about naming you... "Silver"? Just for now, until your memory comes back.» The doctor looked seriously worried and, when he said that word, the letters above his head dissolved in the air.

«Silver...» the man repeated, then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, all the silver was gone and the doctor gave a little jump back, frightened.


The Awakening part 3


The doctor was sitting in a chair across the room, he was watching warily at Silver and meanwhile he was eating slowly a leg he was holding in his hand. The boy looked at the doctor and he turned his thumbs faster and faster until, arrived at full speed, the two fingers met.

«At least, may I know who you are?» said, exasperated.
«Preston. Sebastian Preston: scientist and lover of genetic do-it-yourself» he said seriously after swallowing.

«Ok ... Nice to meet you... can I go now?» said the boy impatiently.
«Suuuuure! First there are the scrutiny, then the CAT, then the blood test, then... » the doctor continued with a string of names and processes, shaking the leg in his hand like a metronome.  «...and then, maaaaaybeeee, you can get up and maybe go to the cafeteria. Until then, you're under observation.»

«Oh, then I'll have to stay here for at least another two or three centuries, practically?» The doctor's eyes widened.
«What? Why did you come up with this? You feel strangely long-lived, by any chance? Or, I don’t know, younger? Eh? Eh?!» the doctor put his leg on a plate next to him and, with his hand still dirty, went up to the patient starting to examine arms and face.

«But... haw gross! You have filthy hands, doctor!» said the boy, seeing the greasy chicken fat staining his skin.
«Eternal life? Eh? The youth serum? Eh?! Then???» the doctor became more flushed and feverish, in addition to being visibly shaken.

«It was a joke, doctor! A joke!» he said, trying to wipe the dirt on the sheets. The doctor meanwhile stopped and looked at him angrily.
«You should not deceive a poor scientist this way, young man. In addition to being a joke of poor taste, it is bitter towards science that supports you with its immense love. Do not do it!» the man, after pointing out each syllable with his index finger, went into the bathroom to wash his hands.

Someone knocked at the door and the boy invited them to enter: first, he saw her blood red hair descend down on her shoulders like silk, then her face and finally the rest of her body. He was enchanted by the vision of Alice Sunners that came into the room with extreme grace.


The Awakening part 4


When she entered the room, he could not believe what he was seeing: he had his own memory in the recesses of his mind, her hair red like rubies, and those eyes green like emeralds. He closed for a moment his eyelids for a twinge in his temple and, when he opened them, all was silver but her hair and her eyes.

«It's happening again» said the doctor while welcoming Alice into the room. He walked to the machines to check the values.
«Again, what?» she said, puzzled, while the boy, enchanted by her presence, looked at her with silver eyes «Do not pass out again... It might offend me, you know?» she continued, putting her arms folded.

The words came out mellow from her mouth and slowly cut through the liquid silver like a siren’s song. Once formed, however, they became strong in the air like black stone; they pulsed, heavy, making the whole room vibrate. Behind them, dozens of words and phrases branched off like snakes, then another pulse and a new branching. Increasingly strong and vibrant words began to fill the room, crowding on each other. Whenever Silver focused his eyes on one of these, he was shown a video sequence, that decomposed in other words.

«RubiesPascalFredDeathThesectionThetormundPlatinumSulfurMercurySalt... ALICE!» said Silver in quick succession, then he reached for the girl with his arm outstretched without being able to reach her. Blood began to drip from his nose while the crazed machinery sent incessant beeps.

«What?!» said Alice, upset and worried, as she drew near his hand. When she touched his fingers, she felt a deep pulsation inside her. With a blank stare, Silver launched on her, surrounding the girl with his arms. She pushed him back on the bed with lightning reflexes and he fell there like a dead weight. The machines emitted a long and terrible tone that triggered terror in the doctor.

«Is he dead?» said Preston, who, fallen prey of an attack, fell to his knees, placing his head on the body of the boy, «Don’t die, you too! No!» Alice, trembling, looked at the doctor, then at the boy and immediately pressed the emergency button near the bed. In a few moments the room was flooded with people.

A Bad Headache


He slept for one day and, when he woke up, a woman with red hair and green eyes was stearing him. She looked at him, indignant and annoyed, then reached up and opened two fingers. He was seeing blurry and was feeling his eyes burn.

She said in a condescending voice: «How many are these

He rubbed his eyes and, after closing them, he opened them again: the world was silver. He saw clearly the woman with different shades of silver, except for the red hair and the green eyes; he noticed her hand with two fingers raised. Over this, he saw something "between" the two fingers: a circle with two dots and a curved line, a smiley.

Frightened, he closed his eyes again and, when he reopened them, everything was back to normal. She looked at him, puzzled «You won’t pass out on me again, will you?» she asked. He smiled and answered: «Maybe not this time...»

A Red Apple


His head pulsed so much that not even a temples massage could make it go away. He was sitting at a small desk  and in front of him there was a paper sheet with  many questions and few answers. Alice, leaning against a professor desk, looked at him while peeling a red delicious apple and shook her head slowly.

The hall was empty, there were only him and her in a sunny winter morning. «It’s a basic test. Even an high school boy could solve it» she said with a sharp touch. The man scratched his head with the pencil gum and looked at the woman, «I’ve never been a model student.»

The woman gave a deep bite to the red apple and she looked at the man at the desk with her green eyes with a mixture of curiosity and disdain.

«How many have you answered?»
«5 of 20.»
«Are you going answer to any other?»
«I was thinking of filling the voids with smileys
«You’re gross.»
«But, no… I’m pretty good at drawing them.»

The woman bowed her head and took her palm to her face, as he laughed out loud.


4 days After the wake up

He woke up in the room where, the previous day after his usual check up, his doctor, Sebastian Preston, had brought him. Like every awakening, his eyes bothered him, they burned like he had tiny embers stuck in his irises. Day after day he was forced to make a habit out of it.

He stood up and started to quickly dress up but, when he was putting his jeans on, they knocked at the door. He hopped on one foot, wearing first one leg of the trousers and then the other; as soon as he put his left foot in, it got caught in the crotch, making him fall squarely on the door. The door opened under his weight and he fell on the agent Sunners, who was waiting behind it. He tried to grasp her forms to find the balance, with the only result of having her blouse ripped open. Her scream, piercing like nails on a blackboard, roared through the building and it’s still narrated as a joke during after lunch coffees.

«Swine! » she added after the shriek and gave him a slap that resounded like a hammer blow on his teeth. She stood up almost immediately, adjusting her dress, while he was lying on his side, holding his sore cheek. Alice looked at him whining and, after a little, she crouched to take his hand away from his face: the hit part wasn’t red but silver.

«Hm ... Did this happen to you before? » she said seriously.

«This, what? You hurt me, Agent Sunners! » he said, rising slowly in a sitting position.

«It’s nothing. You deserved it and you should thank me for holding back, otherwise you would be at the hospital now, thanking for not being three meters below the ground. »

«You are so drastic, Agent. »

«Last time, Silver! This is the last time, then I will send you to the moon »

«As if I’ve done it on purpose, as if there had been other times! » he said, losing his patience. She looked into his eyes and stood up, waiting for him to finish to dress up and then stretching out her hand. He stared at her, then he let her help him to get up.

From the bottom of the corridor came a martial figure with a slow and cadenced stride. Silver turned and smiled, «Agent Matros, to what do I owe the pleasure? » Under the light, the figure of the agent Frederic Matros became visible: a one-meter-eighty man who carried his sixty-five years well, short gray hair and a dark blue military uniform. Underneath the light, his military rank insignia and the light green buttons of his jacket were glittering.

«Good morning, Alice! Good morning, Silver! How are you today? »The girl glared at Matros and seemed very eager to rip his head off, while the smiling boy, on the contrary, shook his hand firmly.

«Let's just say I’ve been better... meeting Agent Sunners has always some" impact" on me. » he said laughing.

«I understand you very well! - he joined the laughter of the boy - one day you're gonna get used to it! Besides, if you’re lucky enough, you will be able to not give in to her charm. » said the man, looking at the girl with cold eyes.

«Agent Matros, I was taking Silver to the polygon for his first day of training. He'll have to learn to defend himself from those who want him dead. » she said, responding angrily to the man’s stare.

«Very well, Alice! The first day at the polygon is always an incredible emotion. I still remember mine: I never hit the target, not even once! Hahaha! » said Matros, vigorously beating the boy's shoulder in a paternal gesture.

«Good luck, boy! Always remember to give your all! » The agent walked away slowly, giving the two a gesture with his hand.
«Have a good day, Agent Matros! » replied the boy.
«Come on, idiot! » said Alice, angrily.
«What have I done, now? » he said, puzzled.

«You are alive and this is actually a problem for me. » she said, looking straight ahead. He was about to argue, but he noticed the fire of anger in her eyes and so he preferred to remain silent.

The Shooting Range

The two walked side by side: Alice was taking deep breaths and, only after traversing the structure a couple of times, she managed to calm down. Silver did not say anything, he knew they were turning around for a while; moreover, partly for fear, partly because of curiosity, he didn’t want to ask the agent about what had happened just before at the hospital. When they finally reached the firing range area, Alice opened the door and motioned for him to enter.

«Oh, we got there. I think I've been lost at least a couple of times.»
«Shut up, idiot. I already know you'll suck here too.»
«I like your constancy in supporting me, Agent. You have something that push me to always give the best of me! "

She looked puzzled as she closed the door behind her.

The great expanse of the firing range was divided into eight different tracks ending with a black target. A couple of agents were training on tracks 6 and 8 with large guns. Alice accompanied him on the first track.

«This is the one for children. Go on... show me you know how to be a champion!» said Alice, sarcastic,  putting his glasses and ear protector on and taking a 9mm from the desk, handing it to him. Silver had no memory of how to shoot, just like he did not remember what he had eaten two weeks earlier, if he had eaten at all. So he first looked at the other two agents and then he focused on the target 5 feet away from him.

He was almost shocked by the proximity of the target, so he leaned out of the small cabin of the track 1 and noticed that the other two agents had their target at, at least, fifty feet away. His target was so near he could almost read the signature of the designer in the bottom corner. He felt dejected, but at the same time spurred to give his best. But really, how difficult could be to hit a target that close?

He copied the stance of the two professional agents by widening his legs and holding the gun with both hands, he pointed the weapon on the silhouette, and focused on its head. He was about to pull the trigger, he felt ready to crack that target and to prove he could do something right, but just as he was pulling it, a hand from above came to the weapon and lowered a lever on its side. Perplexed, he looked at Alice and she, impatient, said, «The safety lock, idiot!» He read the labia for the ear protector and noticed the emphasis on the word "idiot".

He blushed and looked back at the target. When he was ready, he pulled the trigger again.

Help Me, Doc!


«It's not your fault, Silver. Alice is definitely a good person, but she pretends too much from a "normal" person...» Dr. Preston said as he treated the boy's forehead.
«I also think so... Certainly, I'm at least bringing a bit of joy to the structure!» He lowered his eyes staring at the floor while the doctor moved away from the bed and sat down on a chair.
«Well, it's not like everyone to get a 9mm in the forehead  because of the recoil. That gun is also used by the baby gangsters from Bronx.»
«What can I say, it surprised me!» the boy snorted, lying down on the bed.
«Do you want a lollipop?» the scientist said, reaching to a large porcelain jar.
«But won’t they decay my teeth?» replied the boy, turning his head to the doctor.
«So what? I'm not a medical doctor! Science needs sugary stimulants to progress in its loving course! Furthermore, they’re Dr. Fersec’s and he rubs me the wrong way.» Saying so, he handed over a spherical lollypop to Silver and, when them both unwrapped them, they found themselves in silence, taken by their snack and thoughts.

«It's not going well, Silver. You are a good guy! I admit it, you are the funniest guy they have entrusted to me and they even gave me a clown once. But... you can’t do anything and the serum doesn’t seem to have any obvious effect.» said the doctor in one breath, very seriously. Then he went on: «Director Matros is going to ask for results soon and Alice will have to report sooner or later. She's helping you a lot. I don’t know why…»
«Hm... what do you suggest, Doc?» he asked him looking at the ceiling.
«What happens when your eyes turn to silver?» he said as he drew near with the stool to the bed.
«Everything becomes a silvery river and I no longer distinguish colors. I can tell the shapes apart from the hues of gray, but it’s annoying.
«Cute... But useless.»
«I once saw a smiley between Alice’s fingers.»
«A smiley? Do you mean a face? Oh ...» the doctor raised his head and started scratching his untamed beard under his chin « ...nothing comes to my mind.»
«I did the same drawing in the test boxes the day after. I thought it was funny.»

«And it surely is, but that test measured your intellectual skills, not your humorous ones.» said the scientist grinning. «Tell me,» he added, «if I tell you, "Tormund" or... Sulfur, Mercury and Salt... do you think of something?» The boy thought about it for a few seconds, but then shook his head. The doctor nodded and patted his hand on the chest of the boy a couple of times as he rose to get out of the medical room.

What to do


The doctor was arranging some documents in a folder when he heard a knocking at the door of his office. Shortly after, a quiet Alice Sunners went in and closed the door behind her. He greeted her and sat down on the desk chair while she took place on the other side of the table; then she looked at him for a few seconds and he, just like he woke up from a dream, pressed a button under his desk.

«You can talk now.»
«If this keeps up, you will have another dead on the conscience, Dr. Preston.»
«I HAVE NO ONE ON MY CONSCIENCE, AGENT SUNNERS» the doctor shouted suddenly, punching his fist on the desk. «All my experiments are small or big pieces of the great work, and life and death are factors that... fall into the equation.»
«Sure. But they were mostly criminals or people ready for the scaffold. Silver is innocent and we both know it.»
«He doesn’t have a terrorist face indeed... he's even funny» the doctor leaned on his desk, thoughtful.
«He doesn’t remember anything of his first awakening. I realized it the other day.»
«Yeah... The serum is creating dysfunctions in his memory... and not just that.» said Preston, worried. Alice looked at him perplexed and motioned for him to go on.
«You see, unfortunately, it’s not mixing with his blood as usual. The two are fighting in his body in a war of domination of the blood vessels. The more he uses his power, whatever it is, the more the serum acquires ground. I do him transfusions of plasma while he’s sleeping to try to stabilize him, but in the long run it may not be effective anymore."
«This is terrible! Is that why he is always losing blood?» said Alice shocked. The doctor nodded slowly.

«Serum carries too much oxygen to the cells and its domination could lead him to death, moreover, he could no longer be the "Silver" we know. Perhaps using the moon fragments in the formula was not a good idea.»
«If this continues, he will be eliminated before we can find a remedy for this. We need to help him, Sebastian.»
«You haven’t called me that way in ages... Why do you care so much about him?»
«I think... he knows more than he tells us... Besides... when we first touched, I felt something weird. Maybe he did something to me or maybe he has a power similar to mine... I don’t know...»
«I understand... I will try to extend the practices with some extra exam. You... find out more.»
«Thanks you, Sebastian» she said, bending her head.
«Always with your head up, Alice. It's done for the love of science.» he smiled and she raised her head: in her eyes she had the fire of determination.

Too Many Words


Agent Matros was walking quietly in the building's garden during his afternoon walk among the trees. Lying on a bench, Silver was intent in looking at the sky with a thoughtful expression.

«Boy, what are you doing with that worried air?» said the agent softly.
«Good afternoon, Agent Matros.» Silver sat slowly, giving room to the agent «Nothing much, I was thinking...»
«Good workout for the mind. We should all do it,» said the agent sitting next to the boy, but not too much.
«You think so? Yet very often I have difficulty in focusing on my thoughts. It can be that I feel like a fish out of water here. »
«It's a sensation that goes away with time... When I became research director, I was transferred from Austria, my homeland. It had taken me 30 years to be able to work close to home and I have been here in France for 10 years instead. I can understand you, boy. »
«After all, Austria is not so far from here... a train and you can return, can’t you?» said Silver with an innocent air. The agent looked at him for a moment, smiled at him and then turned to one side, resting one leg on the other. Pointing at the wall surrounding the garden, he said:
«Do you see that? Beyond that wall, about 400km, there's my house. I walk every day here to remind myself that it's just that, just that wall, that’s stopping me from coming back to my wife and my children. At the same time I look at that wall and I know I cannot get out of here until I finish the project.»

The agent turned to look in front of himself again, staring at the leaves of the trees moving. Silver first watched the wall, then he turned to look at the leaves and slipped slightly on the bench to get comfortable. There were a few seconds of silence that were interrupted by the boy's words.

«What is the project, Agent Matras?»
«These are Top Secret things, dear Silver... I couldn’t tell you anything,» said the agent with tranquility and calmness.
«But instead?»
«In the end, we just try to safeguard our agents on the field. We would like to find an optimal serum that allows them to live more. We all have a family to return to and the soldiers are no exception. It would be nice to find something that allows them, for example, to anticipate the moves of opponents, to dodge the bullets, or to recover quickly if they take one. It would be nice to have no agents on the conscience... »
«I didn’t take you for a sentimental, agent... it's a noble goal in any case, but it almost looks like an action movies of the 1990's.» The agent broke out laughing.
«Ineluctable, boy. The Super Soldier's theory is always present in the military apparatus of the movies. But we don’t want Superman, we want them to be able to learn from their mistakes and nothing teaches more than a bullet in the body. But we are human and we are constantly making mistakes, I don’t want a mistake to cost a life.»
«And what if these serums fall in the wrong hands?»
«This is also typical of Action Movies, isn’t it?» The agent laughed far a second and then returned serious, "But that's not just a movie. Reality is different and rich in nuances. There’s never a villain or a super hero. There are people who make choices, sometimes difficult, but in any case "right" choices, if you pass me the term. And I assure you that nobody comes in here without triggering the hell out of alarms »
«I suppose... maybe the serum I have in my body is the solution you are waiting for...»
«If that’s the case then you will also have to make a choice. Will you stay with us to become a good agent or will you go home in Italy?»
«I don’t know if I have a home, I don’t remember a thing, Agent Matros...»
«Call me Fred» said the agent, smiling at him.
«I have lost all of my past and I can hardly understand what the future will look like for me. I'm living in the moment in hope that something will happen and put everything into order. Agent Sunners and Dr. Preston are helping me a lot but... I feel inside me that something is not right.»
«Yes... Agent Sunners. Be careful about that girl, Silver. Her abilities cloud the mind.»
«What do you mean?»
«Alice has two different serums in her body and has the best of both of them.»
«She would never use them against me... She likes to act “oh so hard” but I know she cares.»
«When things will get tough...» The agent propped his hands on his knees to get up «she will not hesitate to use them to win... She is done this way and she has arrived where she is so young just because of her competitiveness. Ouch, my back... » said Fred as he stood up. He started massaging at the height of his kidneys.
«But for your retirement? How much longer till then?»
«Retirement is a dream, Silver. If you’d remember your days in Italy, you would probably say the same.»The officer began walking slowly down the path. «Have a nice continuation, Silver, and don’t think too much about the future! Is the present that makes you choose.»
«Have a nice day, Agent Ma ... Fred. Thank you for everything.» The agent, now from behind, gestured a greeting, continuing on his steps.

5 days after awakening

«Let's sum it up... You suck with your studies, you suck with arms and suck as a person too. Is there something you can do?!» Alice said, sitting in front of him at the table of the inside bar of the structure.
«Crossbows with coffee stirrers» he replied playing with one of them.
«You're a lost cause» she said, leaning against the back of her chair.
«It's not my fault if I don’t remember anything. Dr. Preston says it’s temporary, but it’s already been five days with this amnesia. It's already a miracle that I'm alive!» said the boy concentrating in measuring the bending of the stirrer on the table.
«Yeah... but there MUST be something you can do... Don’t you understand that if we don’t find something you can do, you can’t be useful here?» said the girl approaching the table, desperate.
«Good! Send me home then, don’t you?» answered the boy, smiling.
«Silver... You... you no longer have a home or a life... you don’t exist outside of here... Is it possible that you don’t remember anything at all?»
«How to make crossbows with coffee stirrers...» he said to her, smiling, then he threw the stirrer in her direction. It slipped on the table until it reached between the girl's hands. His smile disappeared and he crossed his arms in front of his chest.
«You tell me what happened, Agent Sunners. Why am I still treated like a laboratory mouse waiting for the poisoned pastry?» His gaze was apathetic.

She looked out of the big window, serious, and let out a big sigh, then she took other air and used it to tell him all that had happened in the last month.

The Hard Truth

He looked straight into her eyes, silently, absorbing the information scattered as pieces of puzzle on a table. Inside of him he felt bewildered, lost... even though this sensation was turning into is body from the day of his awakening. When Alice concluded her story, she added angrily that if they did not find something he could do, they would end him as a failed project. He nodded with his head and looked out at the sun setting.

«So I was not so far from the truth, it seems ... How can you hide TNT in an umbrella?»
«Someone with the ability to squeeze the mass could do it... Pipin of the armaments area, for example, might be capable of it. They injected him with a serum that gave him this ability»
«Interesting ... and you?» he said.
«Ruby and Emerald»
«And it gave you the chance to...» he asked, perplexed.
«I don’t think you want to know it and I don’t think I'm gonna tell you» she said confidently.
«Hhm... I'm not sure if I know what I can do yet but I think it has to do with what happens or will happen to me» he said, confused, resting his arms on the table. She looked at him dazed, then worried, in the end she took a deep breath and stood up.

«Come on, let’s go to the gym» she told him, taking him from his arm strongly enough to drag him away.

The gym

They were one in front of the other: Alice had tied her hair behind her head in a chignon, she was wearing a top that showed her abdomen and arms and long pants; Silver instead had a gray T-shirt, a blue helmet on his head and dark gray pants. With the protections on their feet and boxing gloves on, they were on the ring mat surrounded by elastic strings. Dr. Preston was close to Silver’s corner with a notebook and pen.

«I'm going easy on you, Silver. I do not want to send you to the infirmary» she said as he was warming up.
«But I don’t know how to fight, agent Sunners! And then, why don’t you have the helmet?» said the boy.
«You can always run away like a little girl and anyway I think you won’t even be able to touch me.»
«Hey, Silver, try not to get too hurt, okay? Alice has been unbeaten for 5 years and has already knocked out 89 people» Preston said.
«You're very encouraging, Doctor» exclaimed Silver, perplexed, before putting the mouthguard on. He watched the girl finish her warmth and admired her curves.

Alice was ready, she approached the boy after putting the mouthguard on and stretched out her arms toward him. The boy looked at her dubiously and scratched his head «You have to beat, Silver... the greeting!» whispered the doctor, mimicking the gesture. Then, as he had just awakened, the boy bumbed his own gloves against Alice’s. He had not even the time to say something that Alice hit him with a jab in the forehead.

The boy stepped back to get away and touched his head with the glove. He was about to say something again, but Alice pushed him with another jab. With her back slightly bent, she studied him from between the gloves; as soon as the boy was distracted, he served her a new jab.

«Focus, boy! She's playing with you at the moment, but I would not get her angry...» Preston said, taking notes.

Two other jabs hit him, and the boy retreated so much that he arrived at the ropes. Alice took a step back, looking at him, and as soon as he moved away from the ropes, she pressed him with a jerk and a hook in his abdomen. The doctor covered his eyes with the notebook while Silver dropped on his knees coughing. He spat out the mouthguard, holding his abdomen in his arms, then closed his eyes. Alice bumped his head with her glove and gestured him to get up, but what he saw was just a pure silver arm shaking in the air.

The Fight

Roughly, he took the mouthguard and put it in his mouth again. Now that it was all silvery, he could not distinguish well the distances except through the nuances of color, while in his mind reappeared something he did not remember before. He stood in guard and stretched his gloves toward Alice.

«She's going to cut him to pieces... Second round ... huh ... DING?» said the doctor, then he went around the ring and, after noticing the boy's eyes, began to take notes frantically. Alice frowned in puzzlement as she watched his  guard, then she saw the silver and smiled as she hit her gloves against his.

When the two beat the gloves, between the silver of the surface and the shades of gray, like a spring, words appeared from Alice's right shoulder: "jab". In a little time, the girl repeated the same movement of just before, but the boy dodged it promptly, lowering himself and skirting to the side. Floored, she saw her opponent's move and, after realigning herself, she tried again with a jab, this time from the left. A new word originated from her left shoulder; As soon as it was completely deployed, Alice moved her attack, dodged again by the boy, who skirted to her uncovered side and tried a hook to the girl's hip. He was sure he would hit her but, at the last moment,  Alice stepped back with a sudden movement.

She hit her gloves together and moved her head to the side to stretch her neck. Silver looked at her with his silvery eyes: the more he watched the girl's movements, the more notions came to his mind from his memory. When she stated to attack again, chaos burst into his vision.

"Jerk", "jab feint", "left hook", "side jerk", "jab", words that followed one another suddenly and that he struggled to follow due to Alice's speed, who proved to be anything but slow in her movements. He stayed en guard and pretended to fall into the girl's tricks, and when he opposed his arm to block the hook, she jerked to the side, at that moment, the word "jab" dissolved and became "uppercut." Floored, he could not figure out the distances and the girl's uppercut took him into the pit of his stomach, taking his breath away.

He took two side steps and caught his breath, while Alice came close to him, fierce. Again a string of words followed one another and once again a term changed during the clash. This time the boy managed to save himself in extremis. Alice looked at him with satisfaction and she broke the guard after taking two steps back, rested the glove on her chignon and loosened it. The blood-colored hair spread out in waves over her shoulders.

In the silver river of his vision, those hairs were the only bright color that caused a sharp contrast with the environment. She smiled, he was instead cautious. He knew that long hair were a problem in hand-to-hand combat; He didn’t know since when he was aware of this notion, but it was like an alarm bell in his mind. This worried him, more than a little.

She motioned for him to approach, caught by the challenge of the battle. He saw on her silvery face those beads of sweat, and even more that competition fire in her eyes that contrasted with the green; Then from her hair something like red smoke lifted and shone, translucent, glittering in the silver. Silver, perplexed, stepped in toward the girl, trying out an uncertain right hook. Alice dodged him in a moment, and when his hand passed through that red cloud, the boy felt a mixture of fear and ecstasy inside him.

Alice resumed the attack, but this time the words that appeared in the boy's vision were faded, uncertain and even more changeable than the previous ones. He felt confused and couldn’t understand why this was happening. He just wanted to run away, close himself under the covers of his own brand and never wake up.

She smiled at seeing his expression change and she was ready to send him KO with a hook to his chin. She was already foretasting her ninetieth victory, but it was in that moment that he, with astonishing speed, embraced her.

Alice felt that pulse deep  inside her again, with a reverberation that shook her whole body. In the core of that pulsation, she felt a pain like she had never felt before, a stabbing pain that seemed to pierce her from side to side. The boy dropped the mouthguard: «Don’t do that... I don’t want you to die» he said with tears on his face, then slipped without force in Alice's arms until he fell on his knee on the ring. He coughed once, dirtying the rug with blood and, just like in his dream, he started to drip vital lymph from his mouth, falling on his side and creating a puddle in no time.

Alice was upset, staring at an indistinct point in front of herself with her eyes still open wide. She felt the reverberation of that pain throughout her body, and as Dr. Preston and some agents attended Silver, she could not move, petrified by the anguish of those words.

The blood in the Veins

He woke up again with the sound of the electrocardiogram in his ears. It was so much time he didn’t listen to it and frankly he did not miss it. His eyes had difficulty focusing and every time he opened and closed his eyelids, his vision slowly changed from the desaturated of the silver to the normal colors of the environment.

«Alice, he’s waking up ...» the boy heard Dr. Preston's voice approaching the bed. He took a pen-shaped light and looked at his eyes.
«He is still dazed, but I think he is with us.»
«Silver... can you hear me?» he heard a female voice, Alice's voice «Tell him no, tell him no... do you understand? » she whispered.
He nodded... then they heard other footsteps coming from the bottom of the room: «Young man! How nice to know that you have woken up so soon.»
Silver sat up with Dr. Preston's help. Finally, he focused his gaze on Matros's smiling face.
«I read the doctor's notes and the shootings of the gym show that the serum we injected to you is too much for you, it’s taking the place of your blood. When the process will be over we won’t be able to do anything to save you. If you want, we can remove it from your body before it happens» said Matros.

«But actually, if...» the doctor could not finish his sentence because Matros interrupted him. «You know how much I care about my agents... I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I just need a yes and you can come back to Italy and have the life you want, maybe start a family out of these walls.»
Silver rolled his eyes around, looked out of the window, then to Dr. Preston's face and lastly to Alice's face. They both were praying him with their eyes to say "No".



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