A Young Jeurut

He travel from branch to branch

They tell of a Jeurut who loved to move among the trees of the forest of Firoet, escaping every time from the danger of the rival tribe. So many times he had escaped death and so many times he had spared his opponents.

Destiny was fatal to him when it pushed too far into the forest, finding among the trees the shining artifacts of the ancients. The traditions tell to get away from them, but the young Jeurut didn’t want to hear it and went into a crumbling structure that was pulsating a furious red.

Inside there were the statues of strange beings, taller than the tallest Jeunit, almost as slim much as cousin Marnet's tree. "Abominations of nature!" he thought ... but strangely fascinating. He continued to explore the building by following the lines of pulsing red until he found himself in front of a mirror room. Most were shattered on the floor and only one was intact. The lights flowed to the base that supported it: some kind of tangled tree that held this mirror in its center, which reflected everything in front of it, including the Jeurut.

He analyzed the mirror from all sides, sniffed it, spoke to him! But nothing seemed to disturb the thing he was looking at. In his head the words of the elder tree: "Do not touch the ancient artifacts, they are bearer of death!" But Jeurut was still young. Too strong was the temptation to lose such an occasion. He touched the mirror, first with one of three fingers: it was cold, electrical, but it did not create pain. He laid then all his hand, and when the hand covered the surface, the pulsating stopped, illuminating the entire circular room.

Full of wonder, the Jeurut looked around finding facets that he had not noticed before; When he looked back at the mirror there was no longer the reflected room, but a gray haze and a being watching him.

They were as short as he was and were the same as the beings he had seen in the statues; Hazel-colored, they had a peak curved backward, two small and dark cracks that closed and opened, and another crack that seemed to be a mouth. They did not have leaves, grass or flowers on themselves, so for sure they were neither a Jeurut nor a Jeunit! But they had something covering their lower body, from under their mouth to where they were sitting.

They bowed their head to the side and put their hand with four fingers where the young tree had rested his. They seemed to smile for a moment and this inspired confidence in the young Jeurut. But everything changed when the mist grew red, the light in the room shone even more crimson and it was a moment. As the young man was distracted looking at the light, the being tightened their hand on his, pulling him inside. The Jeurut, caught on surprise, couldn’t do a thing and found himself in the red haze without knowing how. He turned and saw the being in the room, slowly beginning to grow in height. He followed him until he could through the mirror, but a noise behind him attracted him.

A Jeunit hit him on his head a couple of times, he turned to look at him, scared, and a little bit later he saw other shapes from his planet set in the fog, one for every destroyed mirror in the room from which it had been torn. At the bottom, from the fog, he saw a light changing its colors and repeatedly pulsating until he heard the noise of a shattered mirror.

Everything happened so fast! The Jeurut did not know where to look at and at some point he could see nothing at all, because when the red was added to the other colors, everything became black and, from there, he saw a new light at the end of the tunnel.

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