The Human Gallery

Here a preview of the new Jesse Mekkonen's work: The Human Gallery

Some time ago, about at the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a game called "Silence of the sleep". This is a title that Jesse Mekkonen created alone, a one-man game. Jesse returns to surprise us in this hot May with a new title that has just made his exit on Steam Greenlight: The Human Gallery. When I wrote my review on Silence of the Sleep, I was very hard towards some small mistakes definitely derived from the inexperience of the maker in some fields. I realize, however, that those mistakes were useful for developing a new excellent title.

The graphic style evolved and the structure of three parallel planes, on which scenes and events develop, are now lowered to two, but this isn't a flaw. The use of the third parallax only for the visual effects grant a better immersion on the scene. The background texture is now in HD, allowing us to recognize even the smallest elements. MUCH improved shadows and focusing, Mekkonnen has really given his best. The medium shoot cuts the legs and shows us just the outline of the character but, who knows what will the full game have in store for us? Knowing Mekkonnen’s genius, he will definitely have a few aces up its sleeve.

Fondali davvero ben realizzati

The gameplay is similar to that of Silence, you use the keyboard to move through the middle plan and to run and the mouse to interact with the scene and to light it, as far as possible. Recurring are puzzles and interactions with light, this time more characteristic thanks to the big oil lantern that the protagonist carries with him. Like said before, the lost of the interaction with the third plain give a better feeling to the play, have all on a catch of an eye is a great move.

The story, from what could be seen from the demo, the video and the small spoilers from Jesse’s page, is that of a painter who travels through the mind of a psychopath in search of inspiration. However it seems he cannot wake up, this meaning he will have to go deeper and deeper into the the madman’s mind. Sots already had very well articulated history and was mounted in an excellent way, without revealing it all or using didactic explanation.


We can’t do anything but wait the completion of the game and its release on Steam that I’m sure it’ll occur, thanks to the author's great ability to engage and entertain his players.

For the italian version of this Preview, use this link;
If you want to take a look, istead, to the gamplay Mekkonnen recorded go here or on the website of the game, here.

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